This project was developed by our creative team in conjunction with local primary school teachers, to explore how drama and theatre can help children to build stories and develop their composition and comprehension skills. Children create their own characters through a series of exercises, leading to the ‘Annual Story Character Conference’ where their characters are brought to life and their stories are explored. This workshop is a great springboard for children to develop their imaginations and creative writing skills.


Creative days

Theatre Exchange are committed to offering children and young people a variety of experiences and can provide tailor-made activities for you. These can range from a 30 minute session to a full day or even a weeks’ worth of workshops to coincide with Arts Week, World Book Day, Healthy Living, Citizenship, or any other event you wish to mark.

Our drama based workshops are often inspired by popular children’s literature and stories, and, therefore, make an ideal addition and starting point to encourage children to read for pleasure and explore their imaginations.

In line with promoting a healthy, active lifestyle, Theatre Exchange also offer Creative Movement workshops for younger children, and dance workshops covering styles such as Street Dance, Bollywood, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Cheerleading or even Hip Hop.